What is Andropause?

30 September 2022 by Op Dr Nureddin ÇELİK

What is Andropause?

It comes from the Greek words “andros” meaning man and “pausis” meaning pause. The widely accepted name is incorrect, because unlike female menopause, when reproductive and hormonal functions stop, it simply decreases. Therefore, the name used today is Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome (TDS).


What exactly is Andropause or Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome?

This is the period in a man’s life characterized by a decline in testosterone levels and accompanying clinical symptoms of hypogonadism, usually beginning after the age of 50. Among the symptoms of TDS,


decreased libido,

gynecomastia (male breast enlargement),

hair reduction,

decrease in testicular volume,

decrease in bone mineral density,

TDS and erectile dysfunction should not be confused with impotence.

decrease in muscle mass and strength,

hot flashes,

energy reduction,

mood disturbance,

memory and concentration problems

sleep problems or increased body fat levels etc…

In some cases, TDS occurs even before age 50. It depends on many factors such as genes, lifestyle, body weight, addictions, medications, stress level or mental state. It is often associated with the presence of other diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis.


The diagnosis of testosterone deficiency syndrome is made after a detailed physical examination and an evaluation with a blood test given “hungry and in the early morning”. It can be effectively treated with testosterone replacement therapy.


We recommend that you consult your doctor for detailed information and evaluation, we wish you a healthy day.

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