Penis Lengthening Surgery

29 September 2022 by Op Dr Nureddin ÇELİK

Penile Lengthening Surgery

Penile lengthening surgery provides a better size for the penis, which is one of the most important problems for men. Today, many men may have different deformities, thinness and curvature in their penises. Therefore, this surgery is among the preferred ones by men quite frequently. Problems that occur in the penis due to many different reasons are eliminated by lengthening surgery. Thus, the problems that disturb the person are eliminated and the functionality of the penis is increased.

What is Penile Lengthening Surgery?

One of the most curious subjects by men is how to lengthen the penis. If the penis is not in the desired size, it disturbs the person psychologically and leads to a lack of self-confidence. At the same time, this situation leads to a decrease in the quality of life. However, in order to eliminate this situation and make the person more self-confident, an operation is performed in which the length of the penis can be extended.

The length of an erect penis can be between 5 and 8 cm. The penis becomes larger when erected. The normal length of an erect penis is 13 to 15 cm. between. However, some penises may remain below this size. If the patient is uncomfortable with this situation, the length of the penis can be made longer with surgery.

How is Penile Lengthening Surgery Performed?

During the operation, the superficial and suspensory ligaments of the penis are loosened. Thus, the invisible part of the penis is revealed. In fact, the invisible part of the penis, which is normally present, is removed to provide a better appearance. The lengthening process performed ensures that the penis is longer both in its normal state and in erection. It is a type of surgery that is generally very satisfied by the patients. In addition, there is no loss of sensation or sensation in the penis. In short, the tissue that already exists inside the penis is removed. As a result, the person’s penis lengthens a few cm.

In addition, in the penis thickening process, the fat tissue taken from the patient is injected into the patient’s penis. Thus, a thicker appearance is obtained.

How Long Does Penile Lengthening Surgery Take?

Short penis length in men can lead to insecurity and stress. Especially at this point, people who have a lot of trouble resort to this method and make their penis lengths a few cm longer. In this way, the person’s self-confidence and quality of life are also increased. In addition, elongation is carried out in both erected and non-erect state of the penis. In addition, there is no loss of sensation. In the next period, the patient can continue his life normally.

Penile lengthening surgery takes about one and a half hours on average. However, this period may vary depending on the patient’s condition. After the operation, there is no pain. The stitches are made with dissolving suture.

Is Penile Lengthening Surgery Risky?

The question “What are the risks of penile lengthening surgery?” is among those who are curious. As with almost any surgery, there are some risks. There are risks such as wound infection and failure of the stitches. However, these risks are rarely encountered.

What are the Prices of Penile Lengthening Surgery?

Penile Lengthening surgery prices may differ depending on the details of the procedure to be applied to the patient. First of all, a detailed examination must take place. As a result, prices can be determined.

After Penile Lengthening Surgery

After penile lengthening surgery, the patient should take a break from his sexual life for at least a month. After one month, he must be examined. As a result of the examination, the patient finds out when to start his sexual life.

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