Penile Girth Enhancement Surgery

29 September 2022 by Op Dr Nureddin ÇELİK

Penile Girth Enhancement Surgery

Penile Girth Enhancement Surgery is one of the most important surgeries for men. Because the most important points for men are the thickness, length and functionality of the penis. Various deformities in the penis cause boredom and a decrease in self-confidence. In addition, the thinness of the penis causes a decrease in the quality of life of men. For this reason, penile thickening surgery comes to the fore today. With the thickening, the penis can have a better appearance. At the same time, the self-confidence of the person increases. In short, depending on many different reasons, this surgery can be performed and the quality of life can be increased.

What is Penile Girth Enhancement Surgery?

The circumference of the penis when erect is approximately around 10-11 cm. Thickening can be done with the tissue transferred into the skin. Penis thickness, which is one of the issues that men attach great importance to, has ceased to be a problem today. With the thickening surgery, a better appearance is obtained.

For this operation, fat is taken from the abdomen. The fats taken from here are placed symmetrically around the penis. But fat is not injected into the head of the penis. Although a symmetrical distribution is made, the glans penis may remain smaller. However, over time, some of the fat melts and a more proportional appearance can be obtained. Thanks to this procedure, the thinness of the penis is eliminated and a thicker appearance is gained. Thus, it is ensured that the patients are more self-confident.

Special filling products, medical textile products called “mesh” and even prostheses can be used for penile thickening in suitable patients. While the use of such products does not have a negative effect on the sensation and orgasm, it promises a longer-lasting and symmetrical thickening.

How is Penile Girth Enhancement Surgery Performed?

Various deformities in the penis are now removed by some surgical methods. The length, thickness and functionality of the penis, which is one of the most important points for men, can now be improved. In cases where the penis is thin or short, people may feel bad psychologically and their quality of life may decrease. But with thickening surgery, this situation is now put to an end. In addition, while the penis is short and/or thin, it may cause negativity in partner satisfaction, while it may cause restrictions in the choice of sex positions.

After a detailed evaluation in penis enlargement surgeries, the patient and the doctor consult on the options about how to apply the procedure, and the most appropriate method is determined.

First, certain preparations are made for the surgery and examinations are made. According to the treatment plan, the patient is taken to surgery. If fat injection is planned in the thickening surgery, fat tissues are removed from the patient’s abdomen. These tissues are then placed around the penis symmetrically and very carefully. Thus, the penis is made thicker. If special filling products, medical textile products called “mesh” or even prostheses are to be used, the appropriate material is provided in advance and the penis is thickened by using it during the procedure.

How Long Does Penile Girth Enhancement Surgery Take?

The duration of this surgery, which is performed with fat taken from the navel, may vary according to the patient. Because the deformity of the penis of each patient can manifest itself in a different way. However, this surgery usually takes between one or one and a half hour on average. It is performed without the need for general anesthesia. The penis is made thicker by injection. In addition, this process is repeated again after a few months.

Is Penile Girth Enhancement Surgery Risky?

Many surgeries performed today have some risks. While the rate of these risks is quite high in some surgeries, it is quite low in others. As with any surgery, there are some risks in this surgery. Side effects and risks include conditions such as hematoma, nerve damage, blood or fluid collection. However, these risks are rarely seen.

Penile Girth Enhancement Surgery Prices

Penile Girth Enhancement Surgery prices generally vary according to the details of the procedures to be applied to the patient. First, the patient must undergo a detailed examination. The condition of each patient may differ. For this reason, a treatment plan is drawn up as a result of the examination. Thus, it is determined which procedure will be applied to the patient. Prices can be expressed clearly through this way.

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